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McDVoice is the name of the official McDonald’s customer satisfaction survey.

Take the McDonald’s survey online and get rewarded for you opinion about them from your recent visit.

In this page, we’re talking about mcdvoice survey and how to take the McD Voice survey online easily with a step by step guide. Read on for the full guide in this page. But, if you just want to visit website now, you can do that right away by clicking on the direct link given below.



Survey Name Details

Survey Name mcdvoice
Brand Name McDonald’s
Assured Rewards Varies
Purchase Required? Yes
Store Receipt mandatory? Yes
Receipt Validity 7 days
Direct Link Click Here

McD Voice Rewards

The reward for completing Mcdvoice survey varies according to time and place.

You will be getting a coupon code after completing the survey online. You’ve to write it down on the back of your receipt and bring it with you the next time you visit a McDonald’s outlet to redeem it.

How to take McDVoice Survey Online?

Here are the steps required to complete the McDonald’s survey online:

  1. Click the button given below to access website.
  2. On the next page, enter the 26 digit survey code from the receipt you have and click on the “Start” button. mcd voice
  3. You can also continue the survey without the survey code, for that lick on the “If you do not have a 26 digit code printed on your receipt.“ link given below.
  4. Now, once you’ve entered the survey code and is on the next page, you’ll be asked to answer various questions about your last visit to McDonald’s.
  5. Answer them honestly and complete the survey.
  6. After that, click on the “Next” button.
  7. Here, you will be given a validation code.
  8. Write the validation code on the receipt and take it with you the next time you visit a McDonald’s outlet.

mcdvoice Rules

  • The store receipt is valid for 7 days.
  • The coupon is valid for 30 days.
  • A McDonald’s customer can only take 5 surveys per month per restaurant.
  • No McDonald’s employee can take part in the survey.
  • Your age must be over 18.

mcdvoice Home Page

The website is a basic web page, with the McDonald’s logo displayed prominently in the top right corner of the page.

The top right side shows this: “Customer Satisfaction Survey on”.

And you will be greeted with this message: “Welcome to McDoanld’s Customer Satisfaction Survey on”.

Contact McDonald’s

If you’re facing issues with the mcdvoice survey, you can contact the McDonald’s customer support for help.

Here’s their toll free customer support phone number:


About McDonald’s

Love can never be articulated nor be portrayed, but you can make your love feel that how much you care about them. It is always a fact that food is the only thing that brings a smile on everyone face. Even your love can have the best bite with you to understand your feelings and love for each other. Nothing can be better than McDonald’s to express your love. This is the place where you are going to enjoy an amazing meal and even can dig into a huge number of delights to refresh and relax you.

This is counted as one of the excellent food store serving with a good number of delights burger, fries, ice creams and many more which are surely going to touch your palate and refresh it. The McDonald’s came to existence with Ray Kroc. He is the man who was a milkshake mixer vendor and was running a hamburger store. Later with the suggestion of his brother, he started with the McDonald’s which later got internationally recognized.

Food quality

As a proud owner of the best serving chain of restaurants, the company is serving with the mission to serve the best of foods which are never going to be compromised. The food prepared here is the best of quality and the ingredients that are chosen by quality experts. This is a complete family restaurant which is serving a variety of food and beverages, and the most important thing is they don’t serve hard drinks.

McDonald has committed to a source with the chickens that are not treated with antibiotics that are treated with human medicine within two years. The chickens are farm fresh and are free from any chemical feeding. Other than that, there is the use of sustainable beef which is their global commitment. The burger is considered as an integral part of the menu, and they strive to improve the environmental practices in food production. Their goal is to influence industry-wide changes on a global scale.

In their kitchen, they prepare the food as per their customer’s choice. For that McDonalds has implemented with a new searching method for beef to make burgers hot and juicy. The buns are also toasted for a long time to make it little crispier. They stand with the saying that simple is the better and the menu shows a good combination of herbs and spices with artistic grilled chicken.

The priority of Mc Donald’s

Checking out the priority of the McDonald’s, it is considered to be the best one to sell 100 million burgers and 1060 Kroc which gave it exclusive rights. All because of their high quality and uniform method of food preparation they are considered to be among the best chain of restaurants. The food store has been serving delicious burgers, buns, fries and beverages globally today.

Since a long time, the service of the restaurant chain has succeeded its mark with ensuring a strong relationship with the customers. This is because of their mutual trust to serve good and healthy food for their customers.

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