talktosonic – Take Sonic® Survey & Get Free Sonic Soda!

TalktoSonic is the name of the official Sonic Drive-In Guest Satisfaction survey.

Take the Sonic survey online and get rewarded for your opinion about them from your last visit.

Here in this page, we show you how to take and complete the TalktoSonic survey online easily and how to redeem the rewards from Sonic Drive-In. Read on for the full guide in this page down below. But if you just want to visit website, you can do that by clicking on the direct link given below.



TalktoSonic Details

Survey Name TalktoSonic
Brand Name Sonic Drive-In
Assured Rewards Free Route 44 Drink or Sonic Soda
Purchase Required? Yes
Is store Receipt mandatory? Yes
Receipt Validity 14 Days
Direct Link Click Here

Talk to Sonic Rewards

The reward for entering the TalktoSonic survey is an assured gift of FREE Route 44 drink or Sonic Soda on your next visit to a Sonic Drive-In outlet. You’ve to write down the coupon code you get after completing the survey on the back of your receipt and bring it with you the next time you’re visiting a Sonic.

How to take TalktoSonic Survey Online?

Follow these steps for taking the Talk to Sonic survey online:

  1. Click on the below-given link to access website.
  2. Here, you’ve to first enter the ID number from the receipt. talk to sonic
  3. After entering that, click on the “Start” button. sonic survey
  4. Your survey will start now.
  5. On the next page, you’ll be asked various questions about your recent visit to Sonic.
  6. Answer all of them honestly and continue to the next page by clicking on the “Continue” button.
  7. Finally, on the last step, you’ll be given a validation code for redeeming your rewards.

TalktoSonic Rules

  • The store receipt is valid only for up to 14 days.
  • The coupon code will be valid for 60 days.
  • You can enter the survey with a valid receipt unlimited times.
  • The minimum required age is 18.
  • No Sonic Drive-In employee or relative of an employee can enter the survey.

TalktoSonic Home Page

The web page is a basic one with a background looking like a sky.

The brand logo of Sonic is displayed prominently on the top left corner of the webpage.

And you’ll be greeted with the message, “Welcome to the Sonic Drive-In Guest Satisfaction Survey”.

Contact Sonic Drive-In

In case you’re facing any issues with Talk to Sonic survey, contact the Sonic Drive-In customer support for help.

Here’s the toll-free customer support phone number:

1-866-OKSONIC (1-866-657-6642)

About Sonic Drive-In


The Very First thing that came to our mind after listening to Sonic is that video game produced by Sega, the one we used to play in our earlier ages But Word Sonic is not just famous for its video games only but also serves the food too and is known as Sonic Drive-in Worldwide. Sonic Drive-in is more commonly known as sonic. Sonic Drive-in is the America Based drive-in fast-food restraint Chain that is situated in the Oklahoma City of Oklahoma. Latest recorded on September 5, 2017; there are total 3,557 Sonic Restaurants in the Different 45 states of the United States.

In the year 2011, Sonic Drive-in was ranked at 10th position in QSR magazine’s ranking that is being listed for the top 50 quick service and the fast-casual restaurant brands in the nation. The company is known for its use of carhops on the roller skates. Sonic-in also hosts a competition annually that is being done to determine the top skating carhop in the system.

Who are they?

The Kimberly O’Beirne Sonic founded sonic has been operating since 1978 and has its Headquarters in the Oklahoma City. The headquarter building of the Sonic features a dine-in Sonic restraint that is an adjacent Building. As per the records of 2016, their total revenue was around$ 100 million, and the net income of Sonic Drive-in was worth $18 million.

Products they serve

The Menu of the Sonic Drive-in mainly consists of the Hamburgers and the French Fries. But they also serve onion rings, chili dogs, corn dogs, and Breakfast toaster sandwiches also that are worth trying for once. They are known for the Drinks they serve that include Soft Drinks, Slushes, and the Milkshakes. They give their customers a lot of options in which they can combine various drinks and flavors to create the thousand possible Drink combinations.

The ice cream desserts they serve include Sundaes and Banana splits. At the Standard Sonic Drive-in stall, a customer typically drives into the drive-in stall that is being covered and order through the intercom speaker system that is being installed at the entrance. And once the food is ready, it is being delivered by the carhop. In the United States, Most of the Drive-ins have patio seating, and some of them also have the Drive-thru lanes.


Well if you are going and doing there will be many those who will not be satisfied with your work and will criticize. The same thing happened with Sonic Drive-in. In 2018, recently a Texas-based food critic just revealed out that Sonic Drive-ins were substituting the regular mayonnaise with the light mayonnaise without alerting to their customers or providing the traditional mayonnaise Packet alternatively. Still, it is not clear yet that the substitution was just a corporate over site or an attempt to limit the calorie count as reported on the various items in the Menu. To boycott Sonic Drive-in, a petition is being signed and had received 12,808 signatures until February 2018.

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